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Ayahuasca teaches Europe

Igreja Céu de Maria, na Holanda (Foto de arquivo: Santo Daime)

By Barbara Arisi      The ancient drink ayahuasca or daime is one of the powerful forces that connects the seemingly distant worlds of Amazon and Europe, ‘indigenous’ and ‘metropolitan’. It is born from the encounter and circulation of many traditions such as popular Catholicism, local shamanism and the Afro-Brazilian  pantheon. Forest beings such as the snake, the jaguar and the humming bird coexist in rituals with saints, gods and spirits. The result is a unique and powerful experience for those who humbly surrender to learn what ayahuasca, a beverage prepared with the jagube vine and the leaves of the chacrona, has to teach. Continue reading

In memory of a shaman: Tëpi Pajé

Tëpi Pajé (Photo: Barbara Arisi)



By Barbara Arisi

Tëpi Pajé was a powerful shaman of the Matis people. He was called xó’xókit, a word that names the one who cooks , the one who carries, owns or works with too much xó. The is the shamanic substance of power for the Matis. Tëpi was the only matis to be called xó‘xókit. On March 7th, Tëpi died. Continue reading