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Happy New Year!

The editorial team of Standplaats Wereld wishes you all a Happy New Year!

A big thank-you to everyone who has contributed to Standplaats Wereld in 2019! We appreciate your insights, reviews, and analyses.

Over the course of 2019 we welcomed more than 9000 visitors to our site. A quick look at our top ten performing blogs tells us that you especially appreciated our on-the-ground anthropological analyses of current affairs, such as the mass protests in Ecuador and the situation of women in Yemen, our reviews of movies and books, such as the Truman Show and Black Panther, and our reflections on the discipline of anthropology, such as in ‘Anthropologist? You’re hired!‘ and ‘Waarom dan?

In 2020 we hope to continue publishing quality pieces in this vein and we welcome anyone who would like to contribute to Standplaats Wereld in this way!

Standplaats Wereld Editorial Team: Marina de Regt, Peter Versteeg, Georgette Veerhuis, Matthias Teeuwen, Marrije Prins, Jochem Kootstra, Caroline van Slobbe, and Jordi Bok.

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