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Anthropological art: Abre La Puerta

Still from animation 'La Puerta' by Bus Pro & Jimmy Rage
Still from animation 'La Puerta' by Bus Pro & Jimmy Rage

An announcement from “Anthropologists in Art” Blaton & Rypson (from WM Gallery):

This Sunday, October 4th,  we present “Abre La Puerta” (“Open The Door”), an Art-Walkthrough of artist Jimmy Rage’s impressive creative output. The Art-Walkthrough is unique in form and a one?off event. As one of the artists portrayed in Sacha de Boer’s highly acclaimed exhibition “Retour New York/Amsterdam”, it is Jimmy Rage who will now be in the spotlight. The Art-Walkthrough will take place at Huize Frankendael — Amsterdam’s last ‘buitenhuis’, which provided sanctuary and creative inspiration for such artists as Cees Nooteboom, Harry Mulisch and Herman Koch, among others.

Artist: Jimmy Rage
Host: James Veenhof
Organized by: Blaton & Rypson, Antropologists in Art (WM Gallery)
Place to be: Huize Frankendael, Middenweg 72, Amsterdam
Date: Sunday October 4th 2009
Time: 19:00 till 23:00


  • 19:0023:00Most of my Heroes‘ by Jimmy Rage: an installation of drawings, objects and sculptures
  • 20:0021:00Abre La Puerta‘ performance by Jimmy Rage
  • 21:30 presentation by James Veenhof & Dutch premiere (first premiere February 2009 at Municipal Gallery, Los Angeles) of animation ‘La Puerta‘, by Joel Marsden for Bus Pro (Madrid) & Jimmy Rage (Bodega Sounds)
  • 22:00The Importance Of Being Jimmy‘ music by DJ Threesixty and Jimmy Rage (Bodega Sounds)  featuring: Niti (on tabla) and Papa (guitarra)

Here’s a pre-view of Jimmy Rage’s animation:

We haven’t been able to found much information about the “Anthropologists in Art” curators. But they seem to work with artists who incorporate African art objects in dynamic and provocative ways. We hope to hear and see more from them!

We wrote earlier about the “anthropological artist” Iti Westra and about issues of applied anthropology with regard to African art: ‘van antropoloog tot activist: of hoe gestolen beelden huiswaarts keerden’.

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