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Anthropology at the VU: socially engaged and passionate

Masters student, Gijs Verbossen, talks about the Master’s in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the VU, which focuses around the theme of Human Security. Check out the video…

In the most recent quality assessment, the Master’s programme was judged to be the best anthropology programme in the Netherlands by the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders. The programme is challenging, tightly organized, and enjoys a high success rate.

For more information visit:

See also our series in which Master’s students write on their fieldwork: Fieldwork 2010 and Fieldwork 2011.

Gijs Verbossen has written here previously on his fieldwork in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. His research focuses on the experience of young Palestinian refugees under the Israeli occupation.

Erella Grassiani is a PhD in Anthropology from the VU, and has also contributed several pieces regarding her activism in Israel and her research on morality among Israeli soldiers.

Pal Nyiri is Professor of Global History from an Anthropological Perspective at the VU University. Read his previous blog posts here.


  1. Jelle Schuilenburg Jelle Schuilenburg

    This film was made by a young filmmaker from Amsterdam, Paul Damen . See for more information:

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