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If you eat Nsima, you are happy

By Liza Koch

This photo essay is about the process of making Nsima flour, the most important food people eat every day in Malawi.

Without Nsima the meal is not complete. Nsima is a kind of porridge made of maize flour. Maize is therefore the most important crop for people’s livelihood in rural Malawi. More than 80 percent of the farmable land in Malawi is covered with maize crops. When the maize crops are mature they are dried, peeled and ground into flour, which they can use the whole year.

You can read here about my fieldwork in Makata village in Malawi.

Liza Koch was a master student Anthropology at the VU. She has written her thesis about the rights and access to customary land for women in southern Malawi

In 2016/17, students in the Master of Social and Cultural Anthropology participated in workshops on ‘Visual and Digital Research Methods’ by Sanderien Verstappen and Lipika Bansal. The workshops aimed at facilitating students and their interlocutors in the field to apply visual methods of research and publication in their research projects. At Standplaats Wereld you can see the end results.

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