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Last post of the year 2023

By Peter Versteeg, on behalf of the SpW editorial team


When the dead call at your door
Give them sweets and presents,
Candlelight and hot chocolate
Don’t be afraid but
Wish them goodwill
They will pass us like a shade
Just don’t feed them bombs,
Famine and disease
Or they will be here for more
In the years to come

Well, you say, it’s a sacrifice
That makes us dream of a better life:
A table with family and friends
But that makes little sense
If you slice them up and
Serve them on a plate
Who is family, and who is a friend
If not every living soul

We look back on an engaging year. Editorial members came and went. In the last two months, suddenly, three enthusiastic new members joined. There were blogs in a new, longer format, such as Wiebe de Jong’s travelogue from Alaska. Beautiful essayistic pieces, and ideas about short documentaries. Concerns about declining contributions led to a discussion about our direction. And this all took place in the year we celebrated our fourteenth anniversary! Indeed, SpW enters its fifteenth year in 2024. We’ll celebrate that once again and keep you informed.

For now, we wish everyone all the best for the new year! Peace on earth and goodwill to every living being!

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