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Seminar with James Ferguson: the Financial Crisis, views from Anthropology

Beeld van alles-schlumpf's

This coming Thursday the faculty of social sciences at VU University Amsterdam will host a seminar on the financial crisis with lectures by James Ferguson, Howard Stein and Anton Hemerijck and views from the field contributed by various anthropologists at VU university.

How does the global financial crisis affect people around the world? What is its effect on the global labour market, migration flows and economies in the South? Is its effect less or different in economies that are less integrated into the global financial systems, or in parts of the world that have not benefited from neoliberalism?

This promises to be a very interesting seminar, not to be missed to get a well-informed view on what is happening around the world after the financial crisis!

time: 13.00 to 17.00

place: room Z009 in the Metropolitan building (to the left of the tramstop Boelelaan/VU when facing south)

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