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Summer School: Hands-on Anthropology and Collaborative Storytelling

Amsterdam Stories finalEveryone has a story to tell. For anthropologists, such accounts can reveal as much about the people and societies we study as more conventional research. But the process of collecting stories in the field and retelling them in the academic arena is littered with pitfalls. How do we ensure that our subjects are fairly represented? How do we construct a culturally sensitive narrative whilst maintaining scientific validity? This summer school introduces you to the hands-on approach we call DAY: do anthropology yourself. It is a great opportunity to gain experience in fieldwork and ethnography and to improve your skills in interviewing and storytelling.

Students who conduct fieldworks and collect narratives as well as interviews for their research are well familiar with the troublesome task of turning the collected data into academically appealing stories. The course guides student to learn how to tell stories and form a scientific inquiry in collaboration with interlocutors, informants and civil society activists. Students of social sciences, cultural studies, social work and business administration with interest in fieldworks, ethnography and interviews learn how to utilize accessible tools for sharing their research and stories from the field. The course concentrates on using ‘low-tech’ easily accessible mediums both in form of digital-visual presentation as well as creative writing and story-telling. Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology in collaboration with Lipika Bansal and Studio52nd brings together hands-on anthropology that turn scientific endeavor into a collaborative process that empowers both researchers and researched. The course offers interaction with creative writers, experienced ethnographers and anthropologists as well as refugees and practitioners.

Course level: Advanced Bachelor/Master.

Dates: 8 – 22 July 2017.

Course coordinator: Dr. Younes Saramifar.

Lecturers: Prof. Dimitris Dalakoglou, Prof. Halleh Ghorashi, Dr. Ellen Bal, Dr. L. Nencel, Dr. Ton Salman, Dr. Marina de Regt, Dr. Sanderien Verstappen, Dr. Roy Gigengack, Dr. Barbara Arisi, Lipika Bansal and Sipko Melissen.

ECTS: 3 credits

Contact hours: 50

Tuition fee: €1150

For further information on how to apply: check the website.




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