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Boeklancering ‘Eviction from the Chagos Islands’

Boeklancering   Op 31 mei zal het nieuwe boek van Sandra Evers en Marry Kooy (redactie) ten doop worden gehouden. Dat zal gebeuren in zaal Z 009 van het Metropolitangebouw, om 13.45. Iedereen is van harte uitgenodigd! Meld je komst even op

Over het boek (dat vervolgens overal – onder meer in de VU-boekhandel– te koop zal zijn), het volgende:

“To make way for a strategic U.S. military base, the Chagossians were evicted from Diego Garcia and other islands of the Chagos archipelago in the Indian Ocean in the 1970s. The U.K. made the islands available to the U.S. and the population was secretly evicted to Mauritius and the Seychelles, about 2000 kilometres away, where many have experienced poverty and difficult life situations. They are not allowed to go back home, only some short trips have been organised since 2006. Recently, the rich marine environment and coral reefs of the Chagos archipelago inspired the U.K. government to transform the status of the Chagos region into the world’s largest Marine Protected Area. But what about the Chagossians, who are locked in a political and legal battle for the right to return to the islands and recognition as a people to live in diaspora? After several law suits against the British government, the Chagossians have vested their hope on the European Court of Human Rights which will rule shortly.”

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