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The Magnificent Indians: Sebastião Salgado’s studio in the Amazon forest

by Barbara Arisi

The Javari Valley has always attracted cameras and documentarists. The beauty of the Indians living in this high forest is irresistible. As I learned from Txema Matis, such beauty is so exuberant that it can even kill an unwary person if the indigenous persons exhibit themselves in all their splendor. The photographs taken by Sebastião Salgado and published by Folha de S.Paulo’s newspaper show the beauty of the Korubo in a studio set with a seamless background amid the magnificent canopy of samaúma and many other  trees. With their clubs, dressed in palm leaf hats, painted with annatto, they exhibit their piercing look.

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In memory of a shaman: Tëpi Pajé

Tëpi Pajé (Photo: Barbara Arisi)



By Barbara Arisi

Tëpi Pajé was a powerful shaman of the Matis people. He was called xó’xókit, a word that names the one who cooks , the one who carries, owns or works with too much xó. The is the shamanic substance of power for the Matis. Tëpi was the only matis to be called xó‘xókit. On March 7th, Tëpi died.

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