Financial crisis worldwide

Street selling in The Gambia (by red hand records)
Street selling in The Gambia (by red hand records)

By Kim Knibbe What do a window washer at a cross-roads in a metropole who starts washing your window unasked, an old lady from a village in Africa who visits her son in the big city to ask for financial support, a beggar and a pickpocket have in common? According to the anthropologist James Ferguson, they are all involved in what he calls improvisational distributive labour. Ferguson said this during the seminar The Financial Crisis: views from anthropology, which was held at our department last week. 

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Seminar with James Ferguson: the Financial Crisis, views from Anthropology

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This coming Thursday the faculty of social sciences at VU University Amsterdam will host a seminar on the financial crisis with lectures by James Ferguson, Howard Stein and Anton Hemerijck and views from the field contributed by various anthropologists at VU university. Lees verder