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Fieldwork 2010: “I felt like a brugklasser (freshman) all over again!”

Francien Barske

In part 4 of the fieldwork 2010 series, Francien Barske tells us how it is to go back to highschool…

Over the past seven weeks, I have been researching Hyves misuse and online identity forming among young adolescents in two Dutch high schools, one in Amsterdam and one in Limburg. How does the social network site Hyves influence identity forming of young adolescents in the Netherlands and how do adolescents use Hyves-pages for creating new (online) relationships or misuse it as a tool for e-bullying? Not the most common research topic when thinking of Social & Cultural Anthropology, however, very ‘hot’ at the moment and not boring at all!

The first days of my research were, of course, terrifying, even though I am staying in the Netherlands, I felt like a stranger.

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