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Tag: the art of fieldwork preparation

Brazil, Haiti and nailpolish

4297580663_51d1d2549cOur masterstudents are in the field! We expect interesting posts from them, from all over the globe. Below, find the first one, talking about the fieldwork-preparations. It is by Luiza Andrade. The focus of her study will be the Haitian immigrants’ settlement in Brazil after the earthquake of 2010. During the fieldwork, she will try to gather information on their aspirations for the future and memories of the past, in an attempt to find out if such investments in migration may influence the way people perceive situations as either “temporary” or “permanent”. Her fieldwork will be conducted in Brasiléia, a small town located at the Brazilian boarder with Bolivia, where thousands of Haitian migrants have crossed the border to build a new life in Brazil.

By Luiza Andrade   I love nailpolish. Back home, I have an extensive collection of several different colors and shades. As a typical brazilian girl, I enjoy getting my nails done weekly and matching colors with clothes and accessories. Honestly, it’s part of my weekly routine. But today… today was different.  I came home from running errands and the first thing that came to my mind regarding the preparation for fieldwork was: I gotta file my nails.

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