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Fieldwork 2010: Chechens in Moscow

In this part of the series, Laura finally reveals her research topic.

You have all been waiting. Now is the time. I did research among the CHECHENS!!! Or the Noxchi, which is the name they use to refer to themselves. You might have guessed it… that’s where the ‘N’ referred to in my mysterious posts. Why were they mysterious, Laura? Well…

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Fieldwork 2010: Moscow (2): a bloody romance

Laura van Deventer. Foto Mirjam Dorgelo.

In part 5 of the fieldwork 2010 series, Laura van Deventer posts an update on her research in Moscow.

A few weeks ago I told you about my arrival, getting settled and first contacts with the ‘N’. Some of you have inquired about this mysterious group – who are they, what am I doing here? Although I can answer the second  question, and will try to do so in this post, I will not disclose what group it is I am doing research among. This is for security reasons. The ‘N’ have received some harsh treatment in the past and me mixing with them and gathering data about that, well, I’m just not quite sure if the authorities applaud that. Once I’m back in April, I’ll make it public, promised!


Fieldwork 2010: greetings from Moscow!

Laura van Deventer. Photo: Mirjam Dorgelo.

In part 2 of this series, Laura van Deventer looks back on her first weeks of fieldwork in Russia.

I will live in Russia’s capital city for three months, as part of my master’s program in anthropology, to find out how a group of people that I will refer to as the N., is living here.

Initially, it was arranged for me to live in a pension run by the company where a friend’s father works. This turned out to be very expensive. Using the network of friends and family, another room was organised for me. Now I live with a Russian lady, Nina, her 30 year-old son, and their dog called Brunhilde. Nina told me that the grandmother was a spy for the KGB in Poland. Then her son said: “You’re drinking your tea from a FSB-mug: ‘souvenir.’” Wow, until now I have only read about these things. Now I’m living right in the middle of it. I might as well be a Bond-girl!


Veldwerk 2010: een ecologisch bolwerk in Brazilië

Begin januari zijn onze masterstudenten antropologie vertrokken voor hun veldwerk. Gedurende drie maanden zullen zij eigen onderzoek uitvoeren in verre oorden als Peru, Indonesië en Ghana maar ook in plaatsen dichterbij huis als Berlijn, Amsterdam en Genemuiden. Hun onderzoeken zullen de thematische verscheidenheid binnen de antropologie weerspiegelen en een groot vat aan kennis opleveren over stedelijk leven, inheemse groepen, politiek conflict, mediagebruik, religie en nog veel meer. In onze nieuwe serie Veldwerk 2010 zullen we verslag uitbrengen van de eerste ervaringen van deze studenten in het veld op basis van hun eigen verslagen, blogs en interviews.

In deel 1 laten we Mandy Ronda (25) aan het woord, die vlak voordat ze voor haar onderzoek naar Brazilië vertrok werd geïnterviewd door haar plaatselijke krant. Dit stuk is geschreven door Caitlin Meyer en verscheen op 28 december in de IJmuider Courant.