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Anthropologists in Art presents: Neon Warszawski


Anthropologists in Art presents: Neon Warszawski – Polish Neon, a photography exhibition on Socialist visual communication

By Ilona Karwinska & Krzysztof Wojciechowski

February 9th – March 16th @ WM GALLERY, Elandsgracht 35, 1016 TN, Amsterdam

OPENING: SAT. 9th OF FEBRUARY, 17.00-19.00

About the exhibition:
In 1957, at a conference in Czechoslovakia, Communist Party ideologues agreed that neon could be a way to reconcile the seemingly contradictory ideas of communism and consumerism in their ailing, state-run economies. The Polish Socialist Party, having created the state-run company ‘Reklama’, throughout the 1960’s and 70’s, recruited prominent artists and designers to bring about a transformation through light, playfully modifying the uniformity of the grey, drab socialist skyline. “Neon Warszawski – Polish Neon” shows the photographs of two Polish artists, photographer and Neon Muzeum director Ilona Karwi?ska and independent photographer Krzysztof Wojciechowski, whose photographs of old school Polish neon signs adorn the walls of WM Gallery. Both artists present the exquisitely designed neons from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s from different perspectives. Whereas Karwi?ska’s photographs present the signs from a more ‘documentary’ point of view, due to her efforts of rescuing the old signage from disintegration and anonymity, Wojciechowski’s black and white photographs from the 1970’s show us night-time Warsaw as it must have been; glum, dark and deserted, enlivened only by the fanciful rectangles and curls of Poland’s premier designers in light. Visit the official webpage HERE.

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Anthropological art: Abre La Puerta

Still from animation 'La Puerta' by Bus Pro & Jimmy Rage
Still from animation 'La Puerta' by Bus Pro & Jimmy Rage

An announcement from “Anthropologists in Art” Blaton & Rypson (from WM Gallery):

This Sunday, October 4th,  we present “Abre La Puerta” (“Open The Door”), an Art-Walkthrough of artist Jimmy Rage’s impressive creative output. The Art-Walkthrough is unique in form and a one?off event. As one of the artists portrayed in Sacha de Boer’s highly acclaimed exhibition “Retour New York/Amsterdam”, it is Jimmy Rage who will now be in the spotlight. The Art-Walkthrough will take place at Huize Frankendael — Amsterdam’s last ‘buitenhuis’, which provided sanctuary and creative inspiration for such artists as Cees Nooteboom, Harry Mulisch and Herman Koch, among others.

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