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About us

Standplaats Wereld is the weblog of the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, VU Amsterdam. The authors write in their personal capacity. Standplaats Wereld is a platform for informative, stimulating, and surprising reflections with an anthropological touch.

Anthropologists are interested in people living in a contemporary global society. They try to understand this from the viewpoint of the people themselves, but also from the comparative perspective that is part of the anthropological lens.

Anthropological curiosity is nowadays focused on how people in the Global South and North are dealing with modernization and globalization. Anthropologists combine the unique with the universal; the viewpoint of the individual human being with a global perspective. This weblog is an invitation to enter the anthropological home base: Standplaats Wereld.

The editorial team of Standplaats Wereld consists of:

Jordi Bok (alumnus master Social and Cultural Anthropology)

Pia K. R. Beiermann (alumnus Cultural Anthropology)

Robert Cornelis (student Cultural Anthropology)

Samma Heeremans (student Cultural Anthropology)

Marina de Regt (teacher)

Peter Versteeg (teacher)

Tess Zondervan (student Cultural Anthropology)

More information about our Department can be found on our website here.