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Welcome to the podcast page of Standplaats Wereld! Here we publish conversation about the added value of anthropology and the meaning of our discipline for everybody involved. Take a dip in the world of students, teachers and alumni.

Our podcasts are in English. You can find us on Spotify too!

Special episode #2 – Neoliberalism and financial markets Standplaats Wereld

In this special episode, we will show you a production made by one of our newly graduated students for the final bachelor course 'Future Anthropology'.  For his thesis research, Giacomo Satori Veronese took a deep dive into the workings and impact of neoliberalism on everybody's life. In this podcast, he will take you along his findings and show you why, and how, we need fundamental and systemic change.Do you want to discuss it further? Reach out to Giacomo via 
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