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Motorcycling on Ambon

Fridus Steijlen, motorcycling in Ambon, has observed a vibrant culture where riders navigate with unwritten rules, offering a social and fun experience beyond transport, incorporating family, work, and technology (e.g., ojek apps). Despite varied riding styles and decorator support for Dutch soccer, following non-verbal cues ensures safety and enjoyment, transforming night rides into a colorful, musical ‘disco’ adventure.

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Easter gardens and Christmas trees

By Fridus Steijlen – In Ambon, Fridus Steijlen observed Taman Paskah, public religious displays commemorating Easter, with symbolic crosses and caves. These were contrasted with secular Christmas decorations, subtly blending Christian and local traditions. As Easter approaches, religious symbols replace Christmas ones, reflecting the community’s deep Christian faith and the social significance of these holidays.

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Two years after Myanmar’s military coup survivors of Rohingya genocide and victims of post-coup atrocities file joint complaint

By Maaike Matelski – On 8 December 2022, Nickey Diamond visited the VU for two lectures. Nickey is an activist from Myanmar who recently started a PhD in Anthropology at the University of Konstanz, where…

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Police handling of pitch invasion leaves 127 football supporters dead in Indonesia

By Freek Colombijn – “Football is the most important thing of unimportant things”. The truth of this quote, which I often give in my classes, but which –if I am correct– originates from a pope,…

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Gotong Royong: a recent flood and strong leadership strengthen a system of solidarity in Lombok

By Jop Koopman On the 6th of December 2021, a massive flood happened in the area of Gunungsari in West Lombok. Floods are not rare in the rainy season in this region, but due to…

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