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Time to look at girls differently

By Sophie Pape            Are you happy with your life? The way you have constructed it? What if you were born in another country? Would it be the same? It is likely that it will be quite different. Questions like these popped up while watching the documentary Time to look at girls: Migrants in Bangladesh and Ethiopia, which was shown by Marina de Regt during the EASA Anthropology of Children and Youth Seminar on 19 November 2015. Since June 2009, this EASA Network organizes monthly meetings, which bring together students, researchers, NGOs and policy makers working with children and youth (

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Yoga in Cuba: Trojan horse or subtle trick?


By one of our former MA-students


Post 1959, Cuban people have been muted about the harshness of their daily life conditions and incited to praise the revolution achievements of Fidel Castro’s regime. In anthropological terms, we would say that their agency was constrained: freedom of thought, of speech and association were restricted to the extent that people traded their own critical sense and capacity for revolt for a collective revolutionary mentality that was aimed at providing them with a better future.
Nevertheless, in the face of the 1990 economic crisis, the Cuban people’s awareness has begun to crack: as a way to compensate for the new state inefficiency, an increasing number of people have started to rely on themselves rather than on the state structure. It is in this context of agency versus structure that my research about the Cuban version of Iyengar yoga took place.

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