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Yasuní Camera trapping photos; the very rare and beautiful melanic jaguar of tropical rain forest. Photo © Conservation International, courtesy of the TEAM Network

The black jaguar and the guardian of the forest

My journey in applied anthropology

Photo by Andrei Lasc on Unsplash

Summer break!

Het ontstaan van een nationale held

Labeling the Schilderswijk

Listening to your gut

Myanmar anthropologists dismissed

Mourning for Amina, mourning for Yemen

A picture of a trocha through which David passes almost every day to reach Cúcuta.

Military coup in Myanmar: back to square one?

copyright Yatou Sallah

Podcast #4 is online! Guest: Jochem Kootstra

Racisme: Daar heb jij toch niet mee te maken?

Podcast #3 is online! Guest: Haiyue (Fiona) Shan

In the meantime on the other side of the world…

Podcast # 2 is online! Guest: Aleeha Ali

Communication at a distance: technology old and new

We started a podcast!

Half for me and the rest for the bees

Opposing Views for a Shared Mission

Lesvos, drawn in the field

Face masks as freedom and belonging

Summer Break!

While we live – a compass to connection

15 juni 3054

Naar een antropologie van Nederland

COVID-19 in a war zone

Corona in Bangladesh

Art, anthropology and authority

New corona and anthropology

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Corona choices