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Category: Multicultureel & migratie

PVV monsterzege: gevaar voor de multiculturele samenleving, of bewijs van haar succes?

door Eva Koemar – Toen ik de dag na de verkiezingen op de VU kwam, hoorde ik veel bezorgde geluiden over de ‘monsterzege’ van de PVV. De uitslag zou een ramp zijn voor het klimaat,…

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Religious extremism: vulnerability and resistance among Indonesian migrant workers in Asia

By Yudha Dewanto  After turning 16, never having stepped a foot outside of her province, Katri pushed herself to go to Malaysia. Seeking a solution to family problems, seeing the new outfits, fancy gadgets and even leased cars of friends who migrated to Malaysia earlier, and feeling that her junior high school diploma would not be sufficient to get a local job, part of her was saying, “just go!” She went to Warsan, a rich tobacco farmer who often sponsored those willing to depart to Malaysia as domestic workers. Warsan did not just finance the departure, but also connected them to private recruiting companies in big cities like Semarang or Jakarta.[2] Katri heard that via Warsan’s networks, the departure fee would be free of charge and that using some “magic tricks,” Warsan could even change the age of those under 18, so that they could still make the journey. But for Katri, life in Malaysia turned out to be difficult. Although she made the journey to improve her life, once she arrived in Malaysia, she was overwhelmed by loneliness and struggling to adapt to a completely different working environment.

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Werken tot je neervalt: Turkse migrantenvrouwen en hun kwetsbare positie binnen de Nederlandse samenleving

Door Sevde Koca Nederland kent een lange geschiedenis van arbeidsmigratie, met als meest recente voorbeeld migratie uit Oost-Europese landen. Arbeidsmigranten uit deze landen hebben regelmatig te maken met arbeidsuitbuiting binnen Nederlandse bedrijven. Onzekere werkuren, onhaalbare normen en constante onderdrukkende…

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At Europe’s Threshold – Bangladeshi Migrants in Greece

By Jessica van Vugt.

This photo-essay is about Bangladeshi migrants in Athens, Greece. Using the case of the Bangladeshi migrants, I wanted to explore how the European discourse of strict immigration and asylum policies on the one hand and the growing deregulating labor markets featured by an increasing employers’ demand for cheap ‘flexible’ laborers, on the other hand, shapes the lives of economic migrants in Greece. The accounts of fifteen young Bangladeshi men together with my camera, which was always hanging on my shoulder, tell the story of how they experience, shape and navigate their lives. This photo-essay is based on that story.

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