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What about/Burning children

By Peter Versteeg

One day, we also took

to the streets to protest

against atrocities in a rather

distant country

We were only a few

as nobody seemed to notice

There were no cameras

We did not shout

loud enough to drown out

what everybody else was

crying about

Some of us tried social media

but we lacked friends as

they had dumped us after they

started shouting sexy slogans

and wearing fruity pins

Some of us suggested to occupy

at least one room of the university

When we settled in, it looked like

we were having a conversation

Some of us tried harder and talked

a bit louder

not sure whether we were embarrassed

or just annoyed that nobody seemed

to care

And we just kept saying to ourselves

we were okay, it just was

the right time for some children

to be burned unseen

Peter Versteeg teaches at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the VU.

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