Vegan in Buenos Aires

Bondiola, matambre, chinchulines, choripan en milenasa napolitana zijn slechts een paar voorbeelden van de enorme keur aan vlees en worst in Argentinië. Vaak vergeten we de stapels pizza’s, bergen verse pasta’s en uiteraard de alom geliefde empanada die de Argentijnse keuken kent. Als we denken aan Argentijnse cuisine blijft de geur van asado (barbecue) echter aan ons geheugen plakken. Afgelopen december was ik in Buenos Aires voor veldwerk en een lang uitgesteld familiebezoek door de coronapandemie. De geur en het gesis van gebraden vlees was deze keer echter ver te zoeken. Zoals elders in de wereld maakte inflatie het leven …

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Yasuní Camera trapping photos; the very rare and beautiful melanic jaguar of tropical rain forest. Photo © Conservation International, courtesy of the TEAM Network

The black jaguar and the guardian of the forest

By Maycon Melo and Barbara Arisi In Brazil, a group of hunters killed a black jaguar. Not satisfied with the crime of killing an endangered animal, they made a video where one of them shows the magnificent animal between his arms while threatening the Guardians of the Forest, the indigenous people that monitor the area to defend forest life. Two illegal hunters were arrested on October 20 in the municipality of Arame, 476 kilometres from the state capital São Luís do Maranhão, for killing the animal inside the Araribóia Indigenous Land in the municipality of Amarante do Maranhão. A video by the hunters is circulating on social media in …

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Webinar: Ethnographic encounters with morality, crisis and extractivism in Venezuela

The complex humanitarian crisis in Venezuela has caused more than five million Venezuelans to flee their country. In turn, Venezuelans that stay have developed multiple subsistence strategies, ranging from remittances, emergency gold extraction and resale of dollars and gasoline. These improvised survival practices create opportunity and insecurity in multiple sites of economic and environmental activity. In a webinar organized by the ISR lab Infrastructure, sustainability and commons we investigate what anthropology can add to the timely debates on economic crisis, natural resource extraction and environmental threats. In conversation with social anthropologists Iselin Åsedotter Strønen (University of Bergen) and Matt Wilde …

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Half for me and the rest for the bees

This short essay is based on IDFA documentary Honeyland. By Salma Bel Lahdab El Hommad Hatidze Muratova, a fiftyish-year-old Turkish speaking woman, accompanied by her old mother and her precious bees, lives in the middle of a mountain in Macedonia. Hatidze is very careful and patient with her bees, she gently talks to them, extracts the honey that she needs from them and replaces the bees in their hive.“Half for me and the rest for the bees”, she says. This is her philosophy to take honey from the bees. Once she has prepared 5kg of raw honey, she goes downtown …

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Opposing Views for a Shared Mission

by Sarah leBarron As I walk into Old School Amsterdam, I feel instantly at home. Coffee vapors float around me, pulling me towards the barista cart. I’m handed a steaming cup of vegan cappuccino, the almond milk infusing a slight strangeness to the flavor as I swallow, a strangeness I have come to appreciate. For some attendees of 02025’s energy breakfasts, the vegan beverages connect the theme of renewable energy back to the earth. But for others, the link to nature is minor compared to the technology itself. Though subtle, this diversity of thought in Amsterdam’s renewable energy community can …

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Collecting waste in Sicily: old and new ways

BY FREEK COLOMBIJN Every human settlement has to think of a way to dispose its solid waste, but each place finds its own particular ways to do this. I was once again forced to think about this simple fact on holiday in Sicily. Two peculiarities of Sicily are its rugged terrain, with old fortified towns up in the hills, and the many tourists that visit the island who are perhaps more careless away than they would be at home. How does Sicily deal with these challenges? Castelbuono is a picturesque town with a medieval core, hundred kilometres from Palermo. The …

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Do not waste waste

DOOR FREEK COLOMBIJN It is a truism to state that the amount of solid waste produced daily is enormous. Mount Everest has become a symbol of just how widespread the waste problem has become. Mountaineers have left an estimated 50 tons of waste on its slopes, including bottles, food containers, broken equipment, even over two hundred dead bodies. In 2010 a party of climbers on a cleaning mission collected about 2 tons of solid waste in the area above 8,000 m. and these missions have been repeated regularly since then. Nowadays climbers are obliged by law to bring down 8 …

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PEOPLE-afbeelding gemaakt door Renée van den Kerkhof / Studio Néetje

“Waarom dan?” Energieprofessional Elbert Huijzer analyseert antropologen

Door Elbert Huijzer Toen mijn kinderen nog klein waren, werden geregeld de wat- en waarom-vragen gesteld. Papa, wat is dat? Papa, waarom is dat zo? Als ik het dan ging uitleggen realiseerde ik me vaak dat ik op de waarom-vraag maar een half antwoord had. Want waarom doen mensen de dingen zoals we ze doen? Ik hoopte een helder antwoord te kunnen geven over goed en fout, over de logica van ons gedrag, maar dat lukte niet altijd. Vooral bij gedrag dat fout is of makkelijk verbeterd kan worden is antwoord geven lastig. En het wordt confronterend als het je …

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Fighting a silent killer in the slums

  By Vera van Rijn     Although the media frequently reports on African children dying from malaria or HIV, it is actually pneumonia that is the biggest killer in children under five. With nearly 1 million annual deaths, pneumonia kills more children than HIV, diarrhea and malaria combined. Pneumonia is called ‘the silent killer’ because even today little attention is paid to this disease. In 2015 I joined a research team in the slums of Kampala, Uganda, in search of a way to stop children from dying of this disease.

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